Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Subtle Amber! For day, for night!"

That, my friends, is the voice of the makeup artist at John Robert Powers in Manila, where I first took my makeup lessons. Subtle Amber, of course, was a blush made (at that time) by Max Factor, and he raved about it because it was a versatile color for every shade of Filipina skin.

But now, Max Factor is departing the US market (boo) for greener pastures in Europe (yay?) and I couldn't be sadder that it's leaving. Especially since I did purchase a stick of Erace Secret Cover-Up - which not only saved my hide during my tan-free years in high school, but also made for a pretty kick-butt eyeshadow base.

(And, if the eyeshadow-loving fellow temp that I worked with was any indication, it's still up there with the best lid primers on earth... yes, even the MAC Paint Pot.)

On the one hand, this gives me the incentive to hunt down what remains of the Max Factor sections at Longs and Wal-Mart. Not so much for the mascara (unpopular opinion: 2000 Calorie is just as overrated as Great Lash) or the eyeshadows (gaaah!!!!) but for the Vivid Impact Lipstick, which - considering the raves for it in the blogosphere, and its current spotty distribution on Oahu - is going to be my next lemming. And, oh heck, maybe some Pan Cake, too.

But until then, let's comfort ourselves with the warm fact that the Factor legacy still lives on, at least in spirit, at Smashbox.


kuri said...

wow, sorry to hear that Max Factor is leaving! I doubt they'll ever leave the Japanese market, for which I'm glad, but I wish they were more reasonably priced here.

meimei said...

Long time no see, Kuri!

As bummed as I would have been about Max Factor leaving the US market, I'm at least comforted (a bit) by the thought of seeing it at some Asian stores, too, especially now that I'm moving back to the Philippines. Granted, it might be pricy - and if it is, I sure hope that the quality is at least a whole lot better than what I've seen of the brand here in the States - but at least it's a step forward.

kuri said...

whoa, I've been out of it. You're moving back to the Philippines?

Max Factor seems to be doing well in Japan (decently, at least), so hopefully the quality in Asia overall is better :)

meimei said...

Yup! You can read about it here.