Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Randomesticity: It's Cranktastic!

It's no joke to be a moving gal: I just got my apartment clean, my suitcases half-packed, and plans for a goodbye party under way... and yet, I've also become deeply cranky, to the point where I'm tempted to get all up in somebody's business if I ever so much hear somebody ask me why I'm moving, let alone why I should even think about trading in this lovely, lovely Hawaiian paradise for the creature comforts of the Southern Tagalog Region.

So let's all go to the happy place together, shall we?

- I actually think that the new, celebrity-studded Drive Safe PSAs sponsored by E! and Ciroc Vodka are pretty cute... and not just because Dave Annable and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are en fuego, and Tom Green naming Kathy Griffin as part of his "list" just makes me giggle. But if you like your anti-drunk-driving PSAs without the bar-hopping celebrities - but with a touch more Biz Markie - here's the soon-to-be-classic Let a Stranger Drive You Home from Heineken.

- Here's what the cashier at the Walgreens on Keeaumoku Street has to say about my most recent purchase: "I see this everywhere! Everybody, always buying this! My co-worker, she got the Colossal! My manager, Colossal! Everyone, they like the Colossal!" (To be fair, however, I also bought Define-a-Lash Volume as well. What can I say, I love BOGO days at Walgreens... and yes, it has been *that* long since I got a new mascara.)

- Speaking of purchases: It's no secret that I am deeply in lurve with Marks and Spencer, especially now that they have branches in the Philippines. I especially love the fact that I have no problem finding stuff in my size at their Manila stores, even if it's just for basics like T-shirts and bras. That being said, the only way I could love their Philippine stores even more than I do is if they constantly keep these chocolate-covered digestive biscuits in stock. Yes, you heard me - and don't let the "digestive" moniker fool you, because it's just there to remind you that they're chock-full of whole grains. Dee-lish.

- And because I can't let this pass without any comment...

Sevin Nyne, besides the fact that it's nothing more than celebrity-endorsed self tanner: a) industrial-strength pesticide, or b) pornographic Star Trek-themed fan fiction?

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