Friday, June 26, 2009

And If I Never See You Again...

First of all, a thumbnail of yours truly, mid-move. The Old Glory tank is a "vintage" one from Old Navy that I got from a clothes swap over the weekend; the lipstick is Dare You from MAC. Not much makeup on the rest of the face, though.

Second of all, one last moving tip:

The case that used to hold my Sephora mini-tweezers finally broke today, so I jerry-rigged a new carrying case by stuffing an old prescription-pill container with cotton balls before putting my tweezers in. My tiny pair was able to fit into a child-proof prescription container from CVS (okay, it's still technically Longs, but they *are* using CVS materials post-merger), but you can also use this with an old-school lipstick case, a shampoo bottle, or any cylindrical container long enough to accommodate a pair of tweezers; the padding is there to prevent the tips of your tweezers from getting blunt.

See you in a few days! :)

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