Friday, January 08, 2010

Blog Schedule Alert

Due to the fact that I am, in fact, fully employed for the next four weeks, I have decided to impose a blog schedule for Domesticity until further notice.

The schedule is as follows:

- First new post of the week will be up on Friday night, Philippine time, which would count as Friday morning on most parts of the United States. (A fun way to calculate Philippine Standard Time based on the time posted for each entry: For the continental United States, it's -12 hours EST and -15 hours Pacific Standard, give or take 1 hour for daylight savings; for our Hawaii-based readers, a whopping -18 hours, regardless of season.)

- There will be at least 2 to 3 new posts every weekend.

- Entries written outside of the blog schedule will be scheduled for posting over the weekend. For example, if I write anything amusing on Monday, I will have to go to "Post Options" and change the posting time from Monday to the following Friday or Saturday.

- There will be at least one Face of the Moment post per week, since I am wearing makeup on the job.

- Most of these posts will be image-heavy, but from my own camera or image archive. This means I'm laying off on themed posts that require Google Image Search for the time being. (Translation: All you bloggers with pictures of hot men, you can rest easy for now.)

- Speaking of images, I am planning on setting up a Flickr account as a way of archiving images used in Domesticity as of this year.  More details to be announced.

- That said, there is a Polyvore post in the works... but that will have to wait until my work schedule settles down.

Here's hoping it all works out from here; until then, see you next weekend!

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