Friday, January 15, 2010

Face of the Moment: It's Wearable, All Right

The inspiration:

(Is it me, or has Lady NoPants gotten much hotter lately? As much as I don't want to like "Bad Romance" and "Videofone" - and their respective videos, for that matter - I have to admit that whoever's doing her makeup now is doing her a lot of favors. Well played, Miss Germanotta.)

The interpretation:

...And the funny thing is, if you take out the eyeshadow, you've got my regular face for work this month. My excuse for the makeup in this shot, however, can only be summed up by three words: Avatar, in 3-D.

(Aside: Why, hello, Sam Worthington! I would have easily put your name on the Boyfriend List, if it weren't for THIS. For crying out loud, what were you thinking?)

Movie critiques aside, all I really wanted on that day was to look and feel put-together, even for just a weekend. Besides, I was test-driving this whole thing to see if it really was wearable for work... and it all turned out great on that end.

Face: L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Powder in Sun Beige. (I just found out on the L'Oreal site that it's been discontinued.... WHY? And here I was, ready to review the darned thing. Oh well.)

Eyes: Stila eyeshadow in Icon (light nude) on inner corners, lid, and browbone; Stila e/s in Barefoot Contessa on the other corners. Eyeliner is by Ever Bilena.

Lashes: Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara. Again, another review is forthcoming - so far so good.

Cheeks: Everyday Minerals blush in Salon Fun. (Yes, folks, this Everyday Mineral stuff can last you for ages as long as you keep it properly.)

Lips: Maybelline Shinylicious lip gloss in Banana Pudding.

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