Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pink Jasmine

Here's a sign I found at Plantation Bay Resort on Mactan Island, in Cebu:

To quote:

Most Filipinos are not aware that their national flower, the Sampaguita, is in reality jasmine. Strung on a thread, sampaguita is the Philippine version of a lei for welcoming visitors. Jasmine flowers tend to be tiny but highly scented, and they are used not only in the making of tea but also perfume. Chinese Jasmine Tea is really a green or oolong base with jasmine flower added for aroma. One of our shareholders is very partial to Pink Jasmine by Fresh (which is made with, of course, jasmine). Fresh also makes Cannabis Rose (which is made with - oh, sorry, just rose).

I haven't owned any Fresh bath products since college, but I can attest to the gorgeousness of the Pink Jasmine fragrance - sweet, classic, feminine, never too stodgy. I can also vouch for Cannabis Rose, too, which isn't as bright as the Pink Jasmine, but just as intriguing nonetheless.

The Mogambo Springs spa at Plantation Bay is also home to boughs of actual pink jasmine plants, such as this one below.

Fresh, however, is not sold at Plantation Bay... but that doesn't mean you can't get your pink jasmine fix in any way possible. A little clicky-clicky on the Amazon links below should be a good start. :)

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