Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ga Ga, Drool-La-La

Via the Fug Girls and Craft Magazine:

You've read that right, folks: LADY GAGA COOKIES. (Detailed descriptions can be found here, in the original Flickr set.)

Wonder if somebody has already told Ange de la Cruz (currently the "it" girl of Manila's pastry world) about this yet? Because I'm sure she'd love to make this happen. :)

Ange's "couture cupcakes," as pictured on the banner for her blog

EDITED (7:10 PM Philippine Standard Time) to add this bon mot from my actual inbox: 


Perez Hilton-style paint job, mine. ;) Seriously speaking, though: do check out these babies below and throw a little coin into your mama's Amazon Associate account!

Fairytale Brownies Valentine Keepsake Dozen
Fairytale Brownies Valentine Truffles
Fairytale Brownies Valentine Dozen

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