Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Impression Review: Christian Siriano for Payless

This idea, I love:

...C'mon, it's Christian. Who doesn't love this guy? (Click here to view the entire Christian Siriano for Payless collection.)

This idea, I really don't:

...Seriously, people, I look at these heels and I immediately think of Alexander McQueen's armadillo shoes - which is really not a good sign, considering that 1) we just lost McQueen not that long ago (bless his soul) and 2) even if McQueen did live long enough to design shoes for Payless, it's still not going to make the brand any more hip and avant-garde than it already is, would it? 

Which is probably why I believe that the Gaga-worthy shoes are online exclusives at Payless... and these heels from the same collection - along with the sneakers and flats - are not: 

These, I like a lot. The sandals are very Looklet in their minimalism, and the satin pumps are a kick-in-the pants upgrade from the usual formal shoe. 

And of the bags in this collection, I think this one is my favorite one of all:

This is the Cove Large Shopper bag: it's black, it's patent leather, it's roomy, it's got the zipper detail and the round handles. Classic, elegant: the Cove Large shopper. Fabulous.

(...Wait, did I just do my Andrew Zimmern impression right now? Because that sounded more like Bizarre Foods than Project Runway. Anyway, you get the deal.)

Now, if only those rumors of Payless opening a branch in Manila would just come true soon enough...

Credits: All graphics taken as screenshots from promotional materials used by Payless.

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