Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Randomesticity: Random Acts of Hotness

 A picture of me with my new haircut, plus neutral makeup and pearls. Career girl, much?

Today, on this special edition of Randomesticity: beauty and pop culture news!


- Above: Chanel Rouge Coco. 'Nuff said.

- Okay, MAC, you got me again - Too Fabulous is exactly that, and more. Those of you who missed the blushes from the Colour Forecast collections would find the Mineralize Blush Duos to be of interest.

- Cover Girl is promising that they can match shades from any department store brand using their online matching system. Whether or not they can deliver on their promises, however, depends on how you feel about CG's formulations. (My opinion only: Not a fan of their lip gloss, but I really like their eyeshadows and mascaras just fine, and I'm trying to get my hands on their lipstain as we speak.)

- Speaking of eyeshadows: Maybelline's EyeStudio shadows have been available in Asia for quite some time, but I prefer the shade selection from the American version of the quads.

- Beauty vlogger alert! If you haven't tuned in to sisters Elle and Blair - aka AllThatGlitters21 and Juicystar07, respectively - you owe it to yourselves to check 'em out. I'm predicting Lauren Luke-like success for these young ladies, so it would behoove the makers of their favorite brands (lookin' atcha, NYX and Lush) to snap them up as collaborators soon.


- And now it has come to this: A cute photo of Apolo Anton Ohno with Charles Hamelin. Or, as I like to call it, Two Dudes Who Could Really Use a Spa Day. (I kid, I kid.)

- Speaking of hot dudes on ice: I demand to know who on earth had the brilliant idea of casting Evan Lysacek on this season of Dancing With The Stars, because that boy is the very definition of HOT DAMN! (Unfortunately, the cable channels in my neck of the woods don't carry DWTS, so said embodiment of HOT DAMN! won't be showing up on my TV until I can get BitTorrent to work.)

Also: According to Google Search, Canada does not exactly have their own home-grown edition of DWTS. Well, there goes my dream of watching a Hamelin brother perform the paso doble in a sparkly costume...

- In the mood for some hot Filipino dishiness? Well, guess what I just read in the paper this morning...

(*pending actual confirmation of actual split with his girlfriend from all parties involved, which means I'm taking this news with an entire box of Kosher Salt)

So I did get the Ford Focus hatchback that I wrote about earlier, and now I can drive it around - short distances mostly, though I am [theoretically] capable of driving this baby on a highway. What I still don't have in the car, however, is an iPod adapter - but the good news is that it does have a CD player, so I'm looking forward to loading it up with some cool sounds. Some of the CDs I'd like to get for the car: Alicia Keys' The Element of Freedom (am I the only person on earth who can't wait to see the video for "Put It in a Love Song" - and not in an ironic, "let's see how Beyonce and Alicia could out-crazy each other" kind of way?); Sade's Soldier of Love; and Vampire Weekend's Contra. And the new Michael Buble album, which I'm borrowing from my Dad.

- On top of the career craziness that's been happening these last two months (board exams! new jobs!) I'm also trying to carve out time to write more fiction. In fact, I've started taking on the mother of all fiction projects by writing... gaaaak... a screenplay.  I can't promise this will end well, but I will try my best.

Credits: Yours truly (yours truly) and (Derek Ramsay). No samples were provided by the manufacturers of all beauty products mentioned in this story. 

EDITED (03/05/2010) to add that the same paper that reported Derek Ramsay's availability now says that he did get back together with the girlfriend. Awwwwww. Which means I can return to my ongoing plans for world domination. 

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