Monday, October 25, 2010

Video Style Moments, Pt. 1: "Cold War" by Janelle Monae

I love Janelle Monae - not just her music, but her whole quirky style and vibe.

For this I have to thank both Afrobella and that one Gap ad I saw of hers not too long ago - I'm just so glad that she's getting a lot of love lately, both from the critics and the fans.

While "Tightrope" is her big single, I'm more partial to "Cold War," shown here.

This video has been shown extensively on Channel V (we get the Malaysia/ Singapore feed on that, by the by - not that I'm complaining, since Channel V Philippines sounds like a big snooze to me), so imagine my surprise seeing this video on YouTube after weeks of thinking that her skin and lips looked a tad orange.

Though I'm guessing that Janelle would rather that we focus on the music, I have to say: Seriously - that lip gloss, with that little hint of gold in there, is just gorgeous. Same with the lashes and the eye makeup, too - paired with the hair and the skin, the whole thing is quite reminiscent of Annie Lennox, and I mean this as a serious compliment. Something tells me that the stylist in charge also used some MAC here, as well, since the colors remind me of the collections that came out this year.

As for the video itself: We've seen videos where the singer starts crying while lipsyncing (see also: "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy) but I think the point here is about control. Look at how she just loses it and fans herself in the middle of it all, before she sheds that one tear without ruining her mascara; it's the straight-up stress of getting this whole thing done in one take, which goes well with the lyrics of the song.

All in all, a great video for a great song, made even better by gorgeous styling.

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