Sunday, October 03, 2010

This Week, (Once Again) In Pictures

Sorry for the inconsistent posts. It's just been a crazy week, what with my Dad's birthday (yay!), the crippling stress I get from computing final grades (sad face), and being bombarded by neighbors with karaoke problems (blech) - not to mention overdosing on cake. Here's how I'm dealing right now:

- The IKEA cookbook. I cannot bake and will probably not set foot in an IKEA store unless I end up in Stockholm, but I am obsessed with the high quality of design for this one. The picture shown above is for a "Radio Cake," so called because the slices look like little transistor radios.

- Professor Green. It's hard to classify this guy without pointing out the influences. He's kind of like The Streets, but with better pronunciation; he's the British Eminem, but half as angry. Either way, I'm obsessed with the two singles that he has released this year, if only for the back-to-back sampling of my favorite '90s dance tunes.

I Need You TonightJust Be Good to Green (Feat. Lily Allen)

- Cloth masks. I finally got to try one of the masks from Kuri's care package. and it was a practical game changer for me. Not only was it more pleasant than using my regular face masks, but it actually felt really relaxing. Plus the results were amazing: my skin actually felt very much calmed down and smooth. Just make sure not to rinse off afterwards, though, since the liquids on the cloth mask are actually serums that are meant to be massaged on the skin. 

For similar products, check out the ones below: 
Kose Clearturn White Marine Collagen Paper Facial Mask
Kose Clearturn White Coenzyme Q10 Paper Facial Mask


kuri said...

glad you liked the mask!

that ikea cookbook is fantastic.

meimei said...

@Kuri: Thanks for the package once again! :)