Monday, November 01, 2010

Last Song Syndrome: Let's Not, and Say We Did

Shallow note: I'm not the only one who has noticed the awesomeness of the lead singer's color-blocked sweater in this video, right? Seriously, that is one cool sweater. Even if I don't like the way he's pushed the sleeves up to 3/4 length over his elbows.

In my defense, I've already heard this song on the radio dozens of times before, so it was inevitable that I would hunt down the lyrics and watch the video, which apparently explains... well, everything.

Which then leads us, in a way, to another explanation of why and how it ended up in the Halloween Spectacular:

And I wanna know what happened to your boyfriend
Cos he was looking at me like "woah...!"
Yeah right before the kitchen was a dustbowl
And tossing me the keys and I can't forget how
everything just coming through the windows
and half the street was under my nails
it's like we sitting in the Faraday cage,
when the lights all failed

And now everybody gotta go hungry
and everybody cover up their mouths
And I haven't seen the body count lately
but looking at your faces it
must have been bad - 

(...I'll stop here before we end up at Sandra Lee's house for dinner. *shudder*)

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