Monday, November 08, 2010

Domesticity Reviews: The Fragrances in Meimei's Closet

Credit for this goes to a friend of mine who did this on his Facebook page.

For a quick refresher on which fragrances are which - besides the first three - click here.

Chanel Chance: Remember when you purchased me from Liberty House several years ago, when you got your first non-student job? And you do remember that the first day of your second term is coming up, yes? So it would help that you should wear the very fragrance that has carried you through every single challenge in your career. Pick me, and I will help you fulfill your destiny!

Chanel No. 5: But ah, my dearest bonne Chance, you are mistaken! I have taught Meimei everything that she needs to know about power and destiny! Never mind that I have repeatedly failed in attracting the right garcon for her (then again, so has your dearest sister Allure) but what can one do when one is 18 years of age and could only begin to grasp one's true mission in life! So much potential, Meimei, but it is never too late to awaken it once again.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille: Je suis desole, les madames de Chanel, but I've been Meimei's go-to fragrance for the last 10 or so years, and she just can't quit me. Maybe it's because she's now used to that flan-scented top note?

4711: Meimei once wore me when she acted as a judge for a trivia-quiz night at the Math department, and ended up earning more respect from the undergrads for being tough and knowledgeable. If she'd known earlier that my dry down smells better than that intimidating top note, she'd wear me more often.

Le Petit b. b. by Agnes B.: Hi, Mr. 4711! Can I help you with your top-note problem? I'm a little too light, but I can still help you!

Sand and Sable: ...COOKIES!

Caron Farnesiana and Pan Ame de Patou: Darling, why are you still saving us for special occasions? Is it because we make you feel like you should be wearing a dress all the time?

YSL Cinema: Well, you did wear me when you went to watch Cats, right? And I did help you get through that intermission with all those intimidating high-society folks in attendance - even if you were, in fact, wearing a skirt from Gap. Wouldn't it be nice if you'd wear me again with a more glamorous gown, and possibly a much hotter date?

Mysterious Blue Bottle from Kuri's Stash: Yes, you can wear me to work. And by "work" I mean Domesticity and NaNoWriMo, if you know what I mean... KIDDING! No, seriously, you can totally wear me to work.

The Body Shop Indian Gardenia: Well, well, I just realized that Meimei's beginning to like me again as a floral. Wonder if she'll let me help 4711 and Le Petit b.b. on their sillage problems?

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