Monday, March 14, 2011

Glosswatch 2011: Two for the Taking

The gloss: Sephora Collection Super Shimmer Gloss, $10

Pink Ballerina (very sheer pink)
Rusted Rose (rosy-tan nude)
What Sephora says: "Coat lips with a shot of glistening, glassy color from these innovative tube glosses. Just a gentle squeeze of the tube sends a wash of sexy shine over lips. The convenient applicator tip makes perfecting your pout goof-proof! Available in cream and shimmer shades."

SEPHORA COLLECTION Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Feverish FuchsiaFirst impressions: This is not the first time I've owned a Sephora Collection gloss - remember that one year when I got this set for my birthday? - so I never really thought about them much until recently. These two have replaced the other shades from the previous Sephora set, and are great companion pieces to the golden-pink Rosy Glow.

Texture: Very slippery, unless you've got really dry lips.

Color saturation: Sephora glosses are notoriously sheer - as evidenced by the pictures above - but they do photograph nicely, and stand out best when accompanied by complimentary makeup.*

*Note: I'm actually wearing a new eyeshadow in the "Pink Ballerina" picture, above. Review to follow!

Minty-fresh factor: None. Which is odd, since Sephora insists that these glosses contain "lip plumpers."

Hydration capacity: Here's the thing - I didn't really think much about the hydration capacity back in HNL, because it always goes on slippery. And yet, after being exposed to windy weather and crazy air-conditioning in the Philippines, I find myself reaching for these glosses even more so, because they provide that smooth barrier that I need to keep myself from licking my lips.

This product will remind you of: Valentine's Day jelly beans.

The person you'd want to smooch while wearing this is... 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who doesn't look like the kind of guy that would get nauseated by so much whimsy.

Recommendations: As I've mentioned, this can get pretty slippery, and the color's quite sheer - so in many ways, it's quite basic. Like I've said, however, this also works well in situations where dehydration can be a problem, so it's good to carry around as a "purse" gloss for cold, windy days.

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