Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Case for The Short-List Entry: Underrated, Overrated

See if you agree...

Underrated: Bronzy peach
Overrated: Candy pink

Underrated: Mystery!
Overrated: Desperate Housewives

Underrated: Hollister
Overrated: Hot Topic

Underrated: Andy Irons
Overrated: Ashton Kutcher

Underrated: Hostess Cupcakes
Overrated: Curry-flavored chocolate

Underrated: Powder
Overrated: Anything that promises a "dewy finish"

Underrated: Polska kielbasa
Overrated: Spam

Underrated: Pasteles
Overrated: Burritos

Underrated: Knitting blogs
Overrated: Amateur porn on MySpace

Underrated: Levi's jeans from Wal-Mart
Overrated: Celebrity-designed T-shirts from Kitson

Underrated: Screwdrivers made with POG
Overrated: Colored martinis

Underrated: Being `ono for something tasty
Overrated: Seeing the words “Broke da mouth” in a restaurant menu

(No, seriously: Why is it that I only find the phrase “broke da mouth” on restaurant menus? More and more I'm hearing people use the word “ono” to describe something tasty; maybe it's an Oahu/townie thing, I don't know. Besides, every time I see the words “broke da mouth” on a menu, I don't usually take it as a surefire guarantee that something's going to be that delicious. Especially if it follows a description of, say, pizza.)

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