Friday, August 12, 2005

Domesticity Friday #3: Yay, a Food Entry!

Top 5 “Extreme” (yeah, right) Potluck Makeovers

- Store-bought chicken: For roast chicken, cut up whole bird into pieces, then sprinkle with rosemary or Mrs. Dash and bake in warm oven until ready to serve. For fried chicken, follow as directed above, but skip the cutting if it's already in pieces, and substitute shoyu or teriyaki sauce for herbs.

- Canned or vacuum-packed tuna in plain oil: Drain, then combine with lemon juice, Italian parsley, olive oil and capers. Serve with crusty bread and grape tomatoes on the side.

- Plain cream cheese: Dump whole tub or block onto plate, then top with jalapeno jelly, Thai sweet chili sauce, or mango chutney. Serve with crackers or toasted bagels.

- Microwave burritos or frozen dim sum: Prepare as directed on package, then slice in half crosswise and serve with cut ends facing out. If using burritos, make sure you dispose of all plastic wrappers before serving. WARNING: Recipe does not work with Hot Pockets.

- Fruit platter: Serve with a bowl of li hing powder on the side to use as a dip.

Obligatory (but still on-topic) reference to Rohk Stah: Eeeenick Sess: I need to bake JD Fortune a great big semi-homemade casserole for performing Seal's “Crazy” on Tuesday's episode. Way to go messing with my favorite song, asshat, and that's in addition to what you've done to "We Are The Champions." So if you mess with U2 or Crowded House on this show, I'll be shoving beergaritas through your nose all the way to September. Also, I hold Ty Taylor responsible for getting "No Woman No Cry" stuck in my head, which led me to dig out my copy of Legend. Yes, folks, Bob Marley does sound better when you're sober. (Now if only I could get JD to perform "Night Nurse," which fueled my inexplicable hatred of reggae in college. Long story.)

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