Saturday, August 27, 2005

Domesticity Friday #5: What's Your Fantasy?

Meimei's Current List of Hot Celebrity Crushes

(Inspired by a comment made by my alter ego on Hawaii Stories. And, no, I don't need to picture any of them in cowboy boots. Also, forgive me if this is way too heavy on TV people; I'll get around to the movies as soon as I'm finished with half of my Netflix queue. Yes, I plan to post pictures over the weekend!)

- Owen Wilson: This belongs in the “oh, DUH” category, because the guy does light up the screen in a good way. I like him best in wacky comedies, though.

- Ludacris: Yes, I tried to resist, but I can't. His lyrics crack me up too much to make me feel dirty. He's got a mesmerizing voice and a handsome face with flawless skin. The man even got me tuning in to Regis and Kelly, for crying out loud. (And he actually came on right after Orlando Bloom!)

- Peter Sarsgaard: You probably know him from Garden State and Skeleton Key, but I started crushing on him when I took in his ass-kicking turn as Chuck Lane in Shattered Glass. (Alas, I was disappointed when I saw the 60 Minutes segment and realized that the real-life Chuck Lane did not look like him.) Talented actor, yes, but I've got to admit that all of those scenes of him playing with a baby and answering phones in his underwear totally melted me. And the leather jacket that he wears in the end? Hot. (Hey, Esquire: What were you thinking, not putting Sarsgaard in your best-dressed list while keeping Jude Law in there? Huge points for putting in that hot doctor from Honolulu, though.)

- James Denton: I've already stated in this space that I'm not really that into Desperate Housewives. That said, there's something incredibly attractive about this guy and how he looks like he could be the kind of dream boyfriend who could turn out to be your dream husband - thoughtful, intelligent, with a strong moral backbone and a sense of integrity. I'd rather have him than the gardener, to be honest with you. (Heck, I'd rather have the evil Latino husband over the gardener.)

- Jake Weber: In contrast, Weber's character in Medium can be described as the anti-Mike Delfino, if only because he already is the Dream Husband - deeply supportive and loyal, the kind of guy who's willing to listen to your dark secrets and just as willing to share them with you, if he still has any that you don't know about. Guy's got a sweet face, too, even when he looks way too rumpled to be up around the house in the morning. (And, hey, Patricia Arquette? I'll watch your show more often if you could ask for more scenes where you get to grab Jake's butt. Preferably while he's in his pajamas. Thank you.)

Other cute-guy related thoughts:

- Take it with a grain of salt: Michael Weatherly and Carmine Giovinazzo could pass for brothers, or at least close relatives. I'm already entertaining the thought of a CSI/NCIS crossover episode with Tony DiNozzo and Danny Messer as cousins. (Bonus points if we could get a bizarre dream sequence where Tony hallucinates his own autopsy.)

- Speaking of CSI:New York: In a just world, Hill Harper should be getting the same opportunities and props that Terrence Howard is getting right now. (Which reminds me: Who do I have to slap over that cover of Entertainment Weekly with Terrence Howard's mug in extreme close-up? Dang, that's one face I did not need to see at Safeway.)

- Dear producers of Lost: Would it really be too much to ask of you to put Jason Momoa on your show? Yes, I know he's on Stargate now. Yes, I know I'm being shallow about this, but you know how we are out here in Hawaii - we'll watch anything that has a local person in it. (I mean. how can you explain the fact that the Honolulu Advertiser had a discussion board for North Shore when everybody else in the world knew that yours was the better show?) I don't care if all you have for him is five minutes and two lines before he gets maimed and eaten by that damn monster. Also, would it kill you to write in a dance number for Sayid?

- Dear Bradley Cooper: I want to like you. Really, I do. But between Wedding Crashers and Kitchen Confidential, though, you're making it very difficult for me because you're getting too good at playing characters that remind me of my exes. (And it doesn't help that you do look like one of them.) That said, I am looking forward to the possibility of a Michael Vartan guest appearance on your new show...

- Dear Hugh Laurie: I would've added you here on my list, but that would mean I'd get people writing to me telling me that my list is “too haole,” and I've seen enough episodes of House and Blackadder to know that you're old enough to be my father. That said, if you ever come to Hawaii, and feel like knocking down a few martinis? Call me.

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