Friday, September 29, 2006

By Special Request

First up: This is my first blog entry since coming back to Hawaii, and also the first in a series of blog entries that actually have non-stylized titles. In other words, I can now call my entries whatever the heck I really want now. No reason, just a change of pace.

Speaking of the "change of pace," here are some photos of me and my short hair...

This one I really like, for some reason. Somehow I pressed the wrong button on my Dad's webcam and the shot came out like this: a happy accident.

And here's the full frontal view. I have to admit that the hair has grown out in the last few weeks, so my face doesn't look too wide. But look at how the bangs and layers bring out the eyes and the cheekbones! My sister tells me that it's so much better than the long hair because this cut draws the eyes upward - as opposed to downward, since my hair has a tendency to go super flat.

In other news, I MUST try that new Sunsilk (US) styling cream for flat hair, if only for the novelty of seeing my favorite shampoo brand making its debut in the American market. Go Unilever!

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