Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Case for the Creative Commons License

Those of you still getting used to this blog, take note: I have installed a Creative Commons license tag on this blog as a protective measure to prevent any unauthorized copying, alteration, or unlawful use of anything posted on this blog -- up to and including original published text and images -- without any attribution to me.

Let me clarify: Part of the reason why it takes me way too long to write some of these blog entries has a lot to do with me looking at and for sources that I can link on my blog, especially if it's something I can always look up on the Web. I'm a researcher by nature - hello, grad student here! - so if I post anything that isn't my own, I will try my best to link and attribute that information to the original source. If I quote another blog, website, book, or news organization, I will make sure that the original source of the quote is attributed in some way or another on this blog. If I post any pictures that I haven't taken (or have not been given to me by the people who take the photos themselves), I'll either put in some attribution or try my best to post a link to the original photo where I got that image from in the first place. If I don't do all of the above, I might as well be committing professional suicide.

Remember, folks: Linkage, shout-outs, and other forms of attribution are fine by me. Flat-out plagiarism of original content? Not cool.


Anonymous said...

Anyway you would link to Meg's Make-Up? I love your blog and hope you like mine.

meimei said...

I would if I had a link...