Thursday, September 07, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: Rock Star Season 2, Week 10

Here's a little spoiler for those of you waiting for tonight's elimination show: THEY SENT THE WRONG ROCKER HOME.

I'm serious, folks. They shouldn't have sent Storm home. Her original song stood out. Her voice has gotten better. So what if she had phoned it in a couple of times? Then again, it looked like she was the one who wanted to go home badly. I was so sad for her... but, who knows? Maybe she and Ryan will end up tying the vote for the returning encore next week.

You know who they should have sent home? Dilana. Even if you hadn't seen the "webisode" (where she manages to upset Gilby by writing an FU song to her own fans - "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" THIS, ho) you already know that her song totally sucks by way of being too obvious and regrettable. Or maybe we're just feeling sorry for her pulling a calf muscle, I don't know. Evs, Dopey - I'm already over you.

Elsewhere, the Magni love train has kept on chugging. In my opinion, one of the reasons why Mags didn't do too well with Gilby on the songwriting clinic has a lot to do with English not being his primary language; speaking as someone who's bilingual by birth, I understand how hard it is to write anything in English - especially something as emotional as poetry or song lyrics - when your own thoughts are in your native language. And it's even harder when you're rushed... which is why I was blown away by his original song, even if his stage presence did turn out to be pretty vanilla. (Also: Can you blame me for liking the song he just did with Suave Porn? If he's so good that he could turn their crap lyrics into treasures, he might as well be slumming.) Another reason for me to assert the fact that Magni shouldn't win this thing, if only because he's either incompatible or way too good for the band he's supposed to front in the first place. In other words, he's not just this summer's version of Chris Daughtry... he's also this year's version of Marty Casey. And if I don't see him with Our Band: House on tour, I could see him coming back to Reykjavik as a hero, the way MiG did (in a way) when he opened for INXS in Manila.

Which then begs the question: Who do I see fronting the band in the first place?

Toby looks like the front-runner, in every sense of the word: He's not the most talented one of the bunch, or the most technically skilled, but his songwriting is compatible with Suave Porn's formula, his stage presence is off the hook, and the ladies just love him. Not that I would buy the band's album if he's the frontman, but if I got free tickets to their New Year's concert at Hard Rock Las Vegas (preferably with all-expenses paid round trip flight, hotel room, and limo service), I wouldn't be averse to seeing him.

Lukas, on the other hand, is more of the master showman, and I can totally buy his little arrogant punky-troll self being in a band with Tommy Lee. He's showing more of his "vulnerable" side, especially with the slowed-down version of "Living On A Prayer" (although I'm worried that Stretch may have thrown a remote at the TV by now) and "Head Spin" (aka "Dilana Could Only Wish for My Mommy Issues"). Like JD Fortune or Santino Rice (we just got the second season of Project Runway here) , Lukas is a love-or-hate kind of guy - the kind that you can't help but root for in the end, no matter how much you hate him.

So, to sum it all up, here's my predictions on who will win, place, or show in the next two weeks:

Final 3: Lukas, Toby, Dilana (Magni will be most likely to get voted out)

Will probably win: Toby (if Supernova wants a conventional, malleable, pretty-boy lead singer) or Lukas (if Supernova wants to go with the glam-rock route)

May end up winning: Dilana (and if she does, I'll be free to ignore the band and the rest of their career forever)

Should get the "returning finalist" encore next week: Tie between Storm and Ryan, unless Zayra goes for the photo finish

Who should've auditioned: THIS GUY. Yeah, you heard me. (Soul Patrol, yo.) Or even THIS GIRL right here. As much as I love this show, what does it say about me when I'd much rather pay to see a drunk Kelly Clarkson fronting this band than any of the people I just mentioned?


Jen Ozawa said...

I love Storm. She's way too good for them. I'm glad she's gone. Now she won't be propping up three old geezers onstage every night. Trust me, she'll sell a gazillion records of her own.

meimei said...

Word, Jen, word! As much as I didn't like it when she phoned it in, at least Storm brought a lot of things to the table, and she was fun to watch. (Plus I thought her original song was one of the more radio-worthy songs from last week.) I'm already predicting that most of these folks who got eliminated are going to end up outselling Suave Porn anyway.