Monday, September 11, 2006

Domesticity Dispatch: Hair Today...

I couldn't resist. I finally went for it.


Okay, so the fact that I was already in the salon (the one in our home town, not Jesi Mendez in Alabang) with my Mom and I didn't want to stay home had a lot to do with it. Not to mention the fact that the salon in question was offering a free haircut with any spa treatment, and I didn't feel like going for a hot-oil treatment that day. So I told the hairdresser I wanted to take some of the length off the back to even out the rest of the layering from my last haircut, and cut some wispy bangs at nose length.

At first I was shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you! - because one of the reasons why I've stopped cutting my hair short has a lot to do with the way my past haircuts have made me look like a mushroom; apart from my chubby cheeks and chin, I also have a thick neck, which looks horrible when paired with short hair. But since I was going to sit in that chair for a while, and the lovely "queen" who was doing my hair had suggested that the cut goes with the conditioning treatment, I thought, hey, at least this buys me some time, right? So I took a sip of Nestea and went ahead.

The treatment in question was called "hair clay," but there was nothing clay-like about the whole procedure. A soothing, peppermint-infused cream was massaged into my lovely hair, which was then wrapped in plastic and left to sit before it was put under the hood for steaming (the better to let that mask soak in). While I sat back and read the glossies, an army of attendants came by and massaged my neck and back. Then the goop was rinsed out of my hair, which was then blowdried to un-mushroomy perfection.

Once the blowdryer was put away, I took a look at my new short hair and was amazed. It's more of a bob-like shape, quite short in the back, but with very long bangs in front. It's mod and modern at the same time, very low-maintenance but still glamorous. (Not that it's going to score me any shampoo endorsements at this point, although I won't be surprised if these guys ended up getting me as a backup dancer for their next video.)

My Mom liked it, of course - not just because she's my Mom, but because she was never a fan of my long hippie hair anyway, which she says always makes me look "ungroomed."

The best part? Never having to worry about ponytailers, clips, and other hair products for the next few months, since it's layered in a way that should grow out nicely if I let it be for a while. No more ponytail vertigo for me!

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Erika said...

Now I want to see a picture! It sounds adorable... Getting a short cut can be scary, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the ease of it :)