Monday, October 23, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: New and Not-So-New Purchases

Enough with the blackouts, earthquakes, and pitiable music videos! (Besides, since my friends in Waikiki decided on an '80s party, I'm going as Tom Cruise in Risky Business instead.) Bring on the beauty product reviews!

- Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara: I'm not usually the kind of person who buys into the hype for any given product, but I've used this mascara three times now and I must say that I am not disappointed. No clumps, no smudges, and enough lift to eliminate the need for an eyelash curler - and, as an added bonus, the falling-eyelash problem that I had in the Philippines (when I was using Maybelline's Sky High Curves) didn't happen here with this mascara! Could I have found my own particular Holy Grail Mascara? Perhaps. But we'll see.

-Palmolive Aroma Therapy Essentials Conditioner with Mandarin and Green Tea: Another purchase from the Philippines, and currently my go-to conditioner. Nice volumizing formula - my hair's soft but never greasy when I use this, with added bounce (as if my hair could be caffeinated!) - and the green tea scent is just delicious.

- Lush Fever massage bar: Lately I've been using this instead of lotion - partly because that rose-carnation fragrance is just heavenly, partly because I miss my regular massages back home, and partly because I need to use this all up before I step into the Lush Ala Moana store and purchase another one (yeah, Lush fans, I know what y'all are thinking). Seriously, though: My hands have never been softer, my legs have never felt so moisturized, my hangnails are a lot less tortuous, and my skin has never felt so much more touchable. Now if only somebody (and by somebody I mean "whoever it is that Evie and I have been discussing as hot boyfriend material during our nightly Google Chats") would just come up and smell me...

- Earth Therapeutics pumice sponge: Now, I can buy time between pedicures (since I can't have them every two weeks any more, boohoohoo) and keep my feet stilleto-worthy after walking in sneakers (or flip flops) all day. All I do is scrub out my calluses with the sponge (and a little shower gel) while my feet are wet in the shower; then, once they're rinsed off, I rub lotion (or a little smidge of Fever) on my toes and soles, and put my feet up like a princess for at least an hour or so to let the moisturizing stuff sink in. Just yummy.

- Bath and Body Works Pear Blossom shower gel: Whoever left this in my bathroom as a housewarming gift deserves my undying love and gratitude, because it's actually very fresh and exhilirating, and not at all "fruity."


kuri said...

I'm glad you're safe!
The Lush bar sounds convenient for flights; my hands always get dry.

meimei said...

Kuri, I love love love the Lush massage bars as well... but I guess I never thought of carrying them on the plane, especially since I'm still mourning the confiscation of my L'Occitane Verbena Shea Butter! (Granted, this was back in September, but still...) Now that the flight regulations have been relaxed, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have the massage bar on hand. Lush also makes a couple of bars that are small enough to tuck into a purse (Soft Coeur comes to mind) so it shouldn't be so bad to carry with you.