Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What I'm Wearing Tomorrow

Since I will be going to an '80s party, and I will be going as Tom Cruise in Risky Business (except my shirt is blue, and I will be wearing houndstooth shorts underneath -- plus flipflops, since I don't want to get my socks dirty), I've decided to get with the Halloween spirit and wear some majorly whacked-out makeup on my face. For your consideration...

- L'Oreal True Match pressed powder in Sun Beige
- L'Oreal True Match Super-blendable Concealer in W6
- Max Factor MAXeye eyeshadow in Metalicious (lime green/peacock blue/purple). Basically I'm dusting the lime green all over my lid and possibly using the blue as a liner under my eyes, which doesn't look freaky at all if I do everything with a light hand. Thank goodness for that 2-for-1 deal I got in the coupons, since I also bought the Max Factor eyeshadow in Premiere Pink (pink/brown/mauve) which I plan to wear on another occasion.
- Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara in black on the top lids only
- Stila Belle blush
- Jordana lip liner in Tawny
- Maybelline Moisture Whip lipstick in Mystic Burgundy (which shouldn't clash with the lime green)

I've thought about going over the top with the black eyeliner, but then I did the dry run with the eyeshadow and was amazed by how the bright pastel colors made my eyes look a whole lot bigger, which is so much more in line with the whacked-out preppy look I'm going after.

It's gonna be a happy, happy Halloween, y'all.


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