Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Favorites Meme

Borrowed from Toya... thanks! :)

Lip gloss: I am basically stuck with what I’ve been rocking since August, so right now it’s either the L’Oreal HIP Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Gallant or the Revlon Super Lustrous in Raisin Glaze.

Jewelry: Sparkly, dangly chandelier earrings… which also look pretty darn good with the short hair, if I should say so.

Shoes: Those Airwalk sneakers I got at Payless, which look like Chuck Taylors in brown suede. I’m also in love with the rust-colored leather kitten heels that I bought in Manila – so cute, so practical, and so quality.

Handbag: My sister’s beat-up leather attache, which I have been using as a backup school/ overnight bag.

Car: I’m not driving yet, but if I do finally get around to it I’ll have to say either a Toyota Matrix (oooh, sporty!) or a Honda Element (less ugly than the Scion xB).

City: Honolulu and Manila, obviously. Paris, Hong Kong, LA, and Singapore are pretty much up there, too.

Restaurant: I love eating out, so I’m very open-minded when it comes to my dining choices. For the sake of space, however, I’ll just go ahead and mention three places that would be great for a hot date night (*ahem*): Indigo, Formaggio, and dk Steakhouse.

Body lotion: Any cocoa butter lotion; Bath and Body Works’ Brown Sugar and Fig.

Book: I’m currently re-reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Color: Pink, followed closely by blood red and chocolate brown

Department Store: Macy’s (since Nordstrom’s hasn’t opened yet in Honolulu, and I can’t afford anything at Neiman Marcus right now)

Department in the Department Store: Cosmetics, followed by shoes, clothes, and home furnishings.

TV Show: Outside of any channel that shows music videos, crime procedurals, or anything related to Oprah Winfrey, I’m strangely drawn to The Barefoot Contessa (what I would give to have Ina Garten’s house!), The Look for Less, and all sorts of home-redecorating shows - especially Merge, Design Remix, Get Color, and Mission: Organization.

Reality Show: Does Blind Date count? If not, I claim Rock Star (less annoying than American Idol) and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Song: “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green; “With or Without You” – U2

Body part: My eyes… then my lips… then my cheekbones. The rest I can go ahead and work on improving.

Drink: Diet Coke, iced coffee, or lemon water (non-alcoholic); red wine, gin-and-tonic, or martini (if I’m drinking)

Perfume: Chanel Chance - the first perfume that I bought with my first grown-up, post-college paycheck.

Cheese: Fresh mozzarella bufala

Ice cream: Haagen-Dazs Mexican Chocolate; Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara

Hair product: Anything with the words “thickening,” “volumizing,” or “texturizing” in it

Nail polish: I’m giving myself a nail-polish break right now, so no favorites yet.


kuri said...

I still love reading Pride and Prejudice. Haven't seen the newer movie version; a little prejudiced by the lack of Colin Firth. "With or Without You" is the only song I know well enough to sing at karaoke :D Love fresh mozzarella!

meimei said...

Kuri - I've seen the newer movie, and I have to agree that it lacks the zing of the Colin Firth/ Jennifer Ehle version (still my favorite P&P adaptation), even though Matthew McFayden is actually not too shabby as Mr. Darcy. Part of it is because Keira-as-Lizzy didn't even get to deliver my favorite line from the book ("He is a gentleman, I am a gentleman's daughter..."), which doesn't sit well with me.

I can't sing "With or Without You" if my life depended on it, but I do know that there's a dairy in the Philippines that has been experimenting with making their own fresh mozzarella. Yum!