Monday, November 13, 2006

Randomesticity, Part 2

Now that we've got my Best! Week! Ever! out of the way... well, the thing is, the next few weeks won't be. Firstly because of school, for which I need to tie up more than a few loose ends. Second because of Thanksgiving, because I'm planning on bringing something home-made for a change. If I post anything during this time, it's OK, but I just wanted to let you guys know right away if I don't.

- Is it so wrong for me to get back on the Justin Timberlake bandwagon if I was never crazy about the guy in the first place? As much as I want to hate him - and I really should, given how much I enjoy calling him a PAB - I'm trying to rationalize my imminent purchase of FutureSex/Lovesounds the same way my sister-in-law rationalizes her unironic love for J.Lo movies: Just because the person's not a role model doesn't mean you can't enjoy their work. Besides, if what Evie told me about what one of my crushes in the Philippines declaring that he was, indeed, bringing sexy back, is true... well, resistance is futile, I guess.

- And speaking of me and Evie (and bringing sexy back), we both find Lenny Kravitz to be incredibly hot in this vintage clip. Ain't nothing better than that.

- Also along the same vein: "To the left, to the left. Everything you own, in the box to the left. In the closet, that's my stuff. Yes, if I bought it, baby, please don't touch."

- Not a lot of makeup related posts this month, either, but I should tell you that I'm actually thrilled about the new Max Factor MAXEye shadows. No, really! I'm actually quite surprised about the lasting power on this product, especially when used wet.

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