Friday, November 03, 2006

Hand It Over

Oh, fashion gods, why do you mock me so?

I really want to like this black nailpolish trend. I really do. But this week I tried to put some black polish on and it made my hands look... dead.

Granted, I was using a drugstore nail polish, but still. Black polish on my hands made me look more like a tired hag than a bad-ass rocker chick; instead of looking like I should be slinging a guitar around, I looked like I was about to roll up another cigarillo and yell at the noisy kids making a racket on my front lawn. I tried to cover it up with some sparkly pastel pink, but, alas, it wasn't so - if anything, the shimmer on black got even muddier, leaving me with nails that looked more dead than devilish.

Maybe it's my coloring. Or maybe it's my hands.

'Tis a pity, because I do remember being in high school when Chanel Vamp came out and then rushing to the store to buy the closest Vamp knock-off I could find, layering the polish until I got the desired dark look, which then left me feeling like the coolest, most worldly 12th grader around for having short, dark nails. And now, ten years later, what goes around is coming back around.

Wouldn't hurt to try again, right? Maybe if I went for something that wasn't a pure black, it might work. Suggestions?


Toya said...

The black nailpolish thing didn't work for me, either. I think it's the skin tone. I would suggest you go for a dark, dark red instead.

meimei said...

You're right, Toya - the darker blood reds seem to work better for me than straight-up black (or even blackish purple, in some cases). I layered some burgundy polish over the black and it worked better, but I think just wearing the dark, dark red works best. Thanks! :)