Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things I Have Done to My Appearance This Weekend

- Got a trim. Or, more like, "Caught Lexus on the last legs of her free time at the salon and got her to recut my grown-out hair so it would look like a longer version of what I was rocking before I left the Philippines." Which is so true, and I'm lovin' it because she point-cut a few of the layers and went shorter in the front. She thinks I could go shorter, but we'll see when I start looking like Cousin Itt again.

- Redid my eyebrows. All the studying I've been doing left my brows bushier than usual. But instead of going to the salon and getting them waxed, I took out the tweezers and got really, really happy. (Let's just say it was the combination of SPED Law burnout and finding... um... something on the Internet related to someone who may or may not have been involved with a certain romantic interest of mine... that really got me going.) Thankfully, however, they're not overtweezed - in fact, they're fuller than what I used to have, and have a more discernible arch, not unlike what Catherine Zeta Jones is rocking in this picture.

- Rediscovered dark eyeliner and Bobbi Brown's Gunmetal Shimmer Wash eyeshadow. Wore both to church. Didn't flinch. It's a good thing.

- Went nuts on the stress pimples. Thank you, Wet'n'Wild Fresh Face Acne Spot Treatment.

- Resisted the urge to repaint my fingernails. Because that SPED Law homework won't write itself, yo.

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