Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Domesticity Guide to Last Minute Gifties, Part 2

For the well-traveled man: Twenty years ago, my dad would have gotten a fragrance like Burberry Classic for Men - not just because its aromatic blend of fresh herbs conveyed the appropriate amount of worldly confidence to friends and colleagues without making him smell too sexy for the office pool, or because it would not have clashed with my Mom's perfume. Nope - Dad would have gotten this in his Christmas stocking because Burberry - like YSL and Bally - were one of the go-to designer labels that he would always rely on for his accessories, especially for rain jackets and trench coats. (If only he knew then what the label would be like now.)

For honeymooners and out-of-towners: Speaking of my parents, one of the things that amaze us about Mom and Dad is the endurance of their relationship - after several decades of togetherness, up to and including several road trips and vacations that have tested their bond in one way or another, they still manage to be each other's most valued traveling companions. That's why a travel set like this Ole Henriksen Travel Kit (featured: dry/sensitive skin) and/or the Anthony Logistics Gifted Grooming Kit would make a great gift for the couple who takes frequent trips a deux - whether it's for a romantic getaway or the occasional trek to see the grandchildren.

For the quirky nonconformist: Perhaps there's a guy in your life - a brother, perhaps, or a significant other - whose refusal to blend in with the crowd has not been diminished by time or lifestyle. Get him a fancy aftershave and he'll end up balking at the extravagance, or he'll read the same unspoken message into it as he would with a gift of, say, a necktie or a gift certificate to Banana Republic - another way of saying, "Clean up and join the real world, buddy." Give him a bath-and-body set that smells like, say, cookies or fruit, on the other hand, and you might as well give him a neon sign that says, "A girl bought this for me." Instead, get him something that makes a subtle but grand statement - like, say, a paraben-free body wash (e.g. Kings & Queens shower gel, available at Nordstrom) or a bar of soap that means business (e.g. Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap) - and he'll appreciate both the sentiment and the practicality.

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