Friday, December 19, 2008

Domesticity Guide to Last Minute Gifties, Part 3

For the foundation-challenged: Seriously, people, it all begins and ends with the Sample Pack from Everyday Minerals - all you have to pay for is shipping, and you'll get your choice (in tiny but long-lasting sample sizes) of three foundations, a powder concealer, and a blush. Start a friend off with the sample and she may not only find a new favorite foundation (or two - their powders are made for blending!) but she may even end up splurging on a full-size custom kit to spruce up their makeup arsenal. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

(This may constitute as an unpaid triple-endorsement of EM, though: I heard about this from SisMei, and after I tried it, I did give a sample pack to Scribey for her birthday. And guess what? She did end up with a custom kit and got eyeshadows and bronzer for free! What. A. Deal.)

For the brush-challenged: Did you know that MAC always offers brush sets as part of their holiday collection? Did you know that their sets this year (like this basic set) are totally adorable? Did you know that they even offer a cosmetics bag with mascara, lipstick, and shimmer powder included? Did you know that all of their holiday kits are 25% off online right now? Why not grab one now before it's all gone? Or before I'm unable to stop myself from writing sentences with question marks?

For the aloha-challenged, kane edition: If there's one thing that my Dad and Mr. SisMei can agree on, it's their fondness for crisp, business-appropriate aloha shirts. None of the bright-colored, palm-festooned Magnum PI nonsense - just good old fashioned reverse-print cotton that looks just as great tucked into a belt and sensible trousers in a meeting with CEOs as it does untucked over khakis and flip flops at the beach. Reyn Spooner and Tori Richard may be the gold standards for Honolulu movers and shakers, but those of us who rely on the ol' Internet clicky-clicky for our shopping needs may also want to check out the selection of Kahala shirts at Zappo's: classic designs in natural, summer-friendly fabrics and neutral colors that won't freak out the mainlanders. (Shown here: Kahala's Native design.) Just don't wear them with mandals... unless you're a clergyman, and even then it might not stop us from commenting.

For the aloha-challenged, wahine edition: Tropical holiday out of the question? Don't want to even think about wearing a bikini in December? Look no further - I recently came across these Ola Hawaii Body Butters at Blue Hawaii Lifestyle in Ala Moana Center, and found them to be totally blog-worthy. The packaging is way cute, for sure, and the scents are really nice (hello, coffee-chocolate!) - but it's the moisturizing power of this stuff - from organic sources, natch - that makes it so perfect for winter-ravaged dry skin.

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