Saturday, December 13, 2008

Randomesticity: Too Cold to Blog

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should stop bitching about crappy weather in Hawaii - but we just endured a storm all day yesterday, and I actually showed up at work with wet shoes, wet jeans, and some splashes on my hoodie. It's enough to make a girl go GRRRR ARRRRRGGGHHHH.

I am blocking out this weekend and the rest of next week, however, to fill in the blogging blanks before we go straight into the holidays - and not because I am also growing as annoyed as you are with the endless stream of Flo-Rida that greets everyone whenever they open this page. (Damn you, GAP!) I won't spill here about what I've got up my sleeve - lest I forget to write about them AGAIN - so let that be our surprise, yes? :)

Edited to add: There is one good thing that came from posting that Gap ad on this page, though. Dagnabbit, where has Freddy Rodriguez been all my life?

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