Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Everybody's Got to Start Somewhere

I don't like making New Year's resolutions, but since I did need to do something this year to snap me out of my funk, I thought I'd do some cleaning up around the house.

Behold: Le bathroom sink en la Maison du Mei.

This is what the bathroom sink looks like in its unstyled form. It's not quite finished yet, but it's much cleaner than what I started with. Note the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the left-hand side of the sink; it's there to purposefully remind me to keep this area from getting too grungy. Also, the snowman mug holds my lady-shavin' razors; maybe it's a subconscious habit from living with my Dad, but since the sink is right next to the shower I felt that this was a more convenient place to get to them.

I had the good fortune of receiving not one but two bath-product sets from my Sunday School kids, which are now part and parcel of my bathroom arsenal. The pink tin was from one of those sets; I immediately decanted its contents and stuffed every single facial skin-care product and primer I could find into the basket. (No more excuses for missing moisturizers and makeup removers!) The Alba Botanica Hawaiian stuff is from another set; I still have yet to try out that Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub, but I'll get around to it when my skin starts acting grungy again.

Also: That Details hand soap from Walgreens? BEST. HAND SOAP. EVER. I love the delicious tropical scent, which lingers on my hands in a good way.

Let's talk about those corner shelves, shall we? I fell in love with them when I first got this apartment. As you can see, the other stuff from the bath sets are in the middle shelf, and the top shelf holds my "weekend hair stuff" - ie. baking soda for occasional scalp scrubs, and a shower cap for deep conditioning. Incidentally, I started deep conditioning my hair again with a mixture of extra-virgin coconut oil and lime juice, which is supposed to stimulate hair growth; since then my hair has never felt softer without losing its bounce.

And then there's the neti pot.

If you suffer from frequent colds and nasal allergies like I do, a neti pot is your best friend. (See how it works here.) I got mine at Whole Foods after my sister recommended the routine to me; since then I've been significally less sniffly, and my breathing has never been better.

As it goes, this is just the beginning; I still have to figure out where the rest of my stuff goes in this apartment, but once I do I have resolved - not just for New Year's, but all year long - to keep posting pictures of places that I've kept in spic-and-span condition. Because, hey, if I could have the chutzpah to post about my closet and my makeup routine... why not post about keeping this apartment clean?

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