Thursday, January 15, 2009

Randomesticity: My Blog is On Fire

Some things that are taking over my attention right now:
- RIP, Ricardo Montalban. May you be welcomed in heaven as warmly and hospitably as you have welcomed everyone else on Fantasy Island... preferably with Saint Peter presenting you with your own seat of Corinthian leather.
- Kings of Leon, "Sex on Fire." I would've put this on my New Year's 2008 list (as if throwing Lesley Gore in the same playlist as TI and Kevin Rudolf wasn't crazy enough) but I think this song deserves a separate category in itself. Dark, dirty, danceable: it's up there with "The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret" on my list of hot, sweaty, sexy indie-rock joints.

- Eddie Izzard, again. As far as MAC-endorsing drag queens go, I'd still take him over Dame Edna any given day... and, since he does admit to fancying "birds" (ahem), I'd also take him anytime, anywhere, any way I can get him. Even if it means he'll need to take me out to shop for hot shoes first.

- Which reminds me: As much as I adore Dame Edna (and don't get me wrong, I actually do), I am actually getting tired of looking at that old heffa's face every single time I pass by the MAC stores at Ala Moana and Pearlridge. Why? Brunette Blonde Redhead -that's the reason why.

- Rock-n-roll shirts. Usually I have a hate-on for the likes of Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, not the least of which because the tattoo-print tee is already an overplayed look all over HNL. (Seriously, I can't even go to the supermarket without my eyeballs getting seared by an overly blinged Ed Hardy shirt.) That changed, however, when last weekend I accompanied a friend to a store that sold shirts from Affliction and Sinful, on top of the usual Hardy/Audigier stuff. Let me tell you: When I say it's hot, I mean hot - in a biker/rocker, Mickey Rourke-before-he-messed-his-face-up kind of way. The Sinful shirts, in particular, looked super hot on my friend (who has a day job in the medical field), but I, personally, still can't get away with wearing any of it without looking like a total poser. Still hot and adorable, though - and a surefire cure for the American Apparel-style hipster chic that we've been enduring for the last few years.

- Flirting with the dark side. We all know that the dark side has cookies, on top of biker-tattoo shirts, male lesbians, the Wrath of Khan, and rock anthems about hot sex. And while nothing, not even the messed-up face of Mickey Rourke, is going to get me to watch Grindhouse, this hilarious fake trailer from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright - which also has a short cameo by featured player (and certifiable hottie) Rafe Spall - comes dangerously close.
- Letters from home. One thing that does keep me from being enticed to the dark side, however, is the occasional sunny missive from friends and family. It just so happens that the lovely Dess (who went to school with yours truly and Scribey) just started her own blog, All Things Manila - and what do you know, the most recent posts have been about two of my favorite things in the Philippines: food and travel! Definitely worth a read. :)

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