Sunday, March 08, 2009

Domesticity Retail Roundup, Part 2: Best. Store. EVER.

So: Target. Hawaii. NOW. (Okay, technically it's supposed to be for tomorrow... but you knew it was coming, right?)
The weather situation here in town, unfortunately, has prevented me from being able to make it to Salt Lake (at the former Costco site) or Kapolei Commons to check out les Tarjays and brave the crowds doing the same. That said, those of you who are new to the Target experience may be asking what the big deal usually is with this store, apart from the top-notch design and the fact that it's not Wal-Mart. Allow me to explain, then...
- The Hawaii exclusives. Yes, I know that Target isn't the first place to forge partnerships with local companies, since Whole Foods and Walgreens have beaten them to the punch a few months beforehand. And while Bubble Shack doesn't share the same elegant packaging as, say, Method or Indigenous Soaps (which you can buy over at Whole Foods), it's actually a welcome relief to see a big-box retailer partnering up with a local manufacturer that's committed to making all natural product from local ingredients.
-The designer stuff. You'd be surprised with how many big names are collaborating with the retailer on stuff that's designed to make your design-snob friends gasp and say, "You got this fabulous thing WHERE!?!?" Granted, it's a bit pricey compared to the other brands in the store, but if you're a stickler for this kind of thing, start with DwellStudio bedding to spruce up a room, or go big with premium furniture. Which then leads us to our next discussion...
- CLOTHES! Okay, so you might want to start in the GO International section (with Thakoon on sale), but if you're a curvy gal with a stickler for fit like I am, you can't go wrong with anything from Mossimo Black Label; the Mossimo outfits I purchased last year in Ohio still stand the test of time - and several washings, and the occational alteration - to this very day. Go with any of these classic tops and dresses, for starters, all of which are very basic and versatile. For underwear, Gilligan & O'Malley is definitely a must-try - I haven't tried their bras, but their pajamas and robes can't be beat. As for that other big-name designer currently working for Tarjay... well, I've said a ton of tart things about his line in the past, so I'm going to reserve judgement until he resolves that fitting problem he has with this line.
- MAKEUP! Okay, so this won't be Domesticity if I don't talk about the makeup, so here goes: It all begins with Sonia Kashuk, because any makeup junkie worth her weight in eyeliner would be a fool to pass up any of Sonia's budget-friendly tools and brushes. (Not to say that Target doesn't sell anything else as good, or better - but we're going by standard here.) Other Target exclusives include NP Set (for those of you who missed Napoleon Perdis the first time around at Sephora); Pixi (for those of you who are currently mourning Pop Beauty's departure from Sephora); and JK Jemma Kidd (for those of you who are... okay, Sephora never carried the premium version of this line, but it might as well have been). And while I need to find people who have tried this stuff already, I'm curious about the 24-7 Minerals line. Which leads us to the next entry...
- LOTIONS AND STUFF! Apart from the aforementioned Bubble Shack, there's also a lot of good buzz surrounding the UK brand Boots, and there's definitely no sleeping on the awesomeness that is Soap and Glory (from the great minds who brought you Bliss). I'd go on and on... so why not go down to Tarjay this month and check 'em out? Whee!

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