Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randomesticity: Aging With a Measure of Grace

- I've decided not to write about the Sephora event that I attended today, mostly because my vain self forgot to charge the batteries in the camera (grr) but also because I had an epiphany mid-makeover: Even though the makeup artist I was working with was a genius with the concealer - and she did recommend a great one (LORAC Double Feature, $24 - my shade is DF3) - I realized that I'm already at this point in my life where dark circles are the least of my problems... well, at least as far as my eye-area problems are concerned, especially since I have been slacking on my eye cream use lately and the whole area looks seriously unmoisturized. Or maybe it's because I just realized that I'm on Spring Break right now after months of back-to-back work? Either way, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

- That said: I was thrilled to find a sample of Boscia Vital Daily Moisture in my Sephora Insider goody bag today, and I can't wait to try it. :)

- Okay, since I was at the mall today: Yes, I'm miffed that True Religion jeans don't come in my size. Not that it matters, really (although I have to admit I was intrigued) but that didn't stop me from having my second epiphany of the day... I really should stop buying low-rise jeans in general. Especially if I want to stop wondering how I managed to be in between sizes, where the smaller size gives me camel toe and the bigger size falls right off me if I don't button up.

- Also, I would like to take the opportunity to put on my Cranky Pants right now and lodge a complaint against the people who actually use shopping carts at Ross Dress for Less. I can see why they would need a shopping cart... but in the shoe section, where there already isn't much space as it is and everyone has to try on shoes in the narrow aisles, such as they are? ESPECIALLY during the very season when the Ross shoe department is flooded with spiky platform shoes? Seriously, I had three different people literally push me out of the aisles because they couldn't leave the carts somewhere safe... and let's not even talk about the fourth shopping cart, which clogged the entire aisle just because said cart had a toddler on the verge of a tantrum and a visibly hassled Mom who couldn't leave the shoes alone. Heck, at least the Marshall's stores I've seen on the Mainland provide actual seating areas for people to try on shoes... so what's your excuse now, Ross?

- As for upcoming entries, I'm working on another Case for The Basics entry for this blog, which touts the virtues of the boar-bristle brush, and a couple of possible recipe posts as well.


makiling1981 said...

I was going to try a different foundation, but found Everyday Minerals still a pretty good value. Just ran out of Natural Beige in intensive finish, ordered the same in semi-matte but it was much lighter. So I returned it and just ordered samples in other shades for semi-matte. Re: jeans -- tailoring is great, like you mentioned in a previous post. Sears Alamo is fine in a pinch.

meimei said...

@SisMei - Thanks. I actually got last year's jeans taken in not too long ago - they don't fit when I'm bloated, but otherwise they're working well... except for this one pair that I have to take back because the hems just fell apart on me :( I do know for sure, though, that Levis, Old Navy, and DKNY work for me... it's just a matter now of buying something more mid-rise.