Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Domestic TV: People who Need to Shower Edition

- Okay, this question would never, ever, have occurred to me if I didn't spend all day on my knitting, but... seriously, what is up with all the ugly hairdos on As The World Turns? Not that I care about anything or anyone else about the show - except for that gay-couple storyline, only because those boys are cute - but I can't help but be distracted by the Blagojevich-level haircuts that some of these actors are sporting. Ew.

- Speaking of knitting: I'm so tempted to watch Dancing with The Stars tonight because all my other "shows" are on reruns and I can't help but watch all those pretty people dancing in pretty little costumes... yet, the mere mention of Gilles Marini makes me self-combust. Perpetually shirtless and sweaty eye candy: good for TV, definitely not good when you're trying to finish a complicated sweater sleeve.

(Yes, I've already seen the Sex and the City movie. In the theater, mind you. So you could imagine why I kept giggling and couldn't look anyone in the eye when Mr. Scribe asked me how I liked the film.)

- Moving away from the eye candy: This weekend, at a party, we were just talking about Russell Crowe showing up on Letterman, and the consensus I got so far is that the guy has gone off the deep end. It's an opinion that I don't share, though - not because I don't think he's crazy, but because at least he turned out to be pretty articulate and charming in his own way. (As opposed to, say, Joaquin Phoenix.) If I do have a bone to pick, though, it's with whoever styled his hair for State of Play. Come on, folks - John Simm may have played a disheveled reporter in the BBC original, but at least he managed to look handsome by keeping his hair short. Crowe's character, on the other hand.... I don't care if he's supposed to be playing a hard-boiled American investigative journalist if he'd been combing his hair with margarine. No. Please, no.

- And now, some more hotness:

Jeremy Renner: attainable-hot, and possibly the only reason why I watch The Unusuals.

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