Saturday, April 11, 2009

House Cleaning: A Couple of Tips

- Stole this idea from a guest appearance by the Mrs. Meyer on CBS' The Early Show: To keep mirrors clean, spray them with a solution of water and vinegar, then wipe them with an old piece of newspaper. It actually works - my mirror, which has been grungy for years, suddenly took on a brand new sheen after I sprayed it with the vinegar solution and wiped it with some newspaper. Since then I've been keeping a small spray bottle filled with the vinegar solution next to my sink - that way, I'll be ready as soon as the mirror gets grungy again.

- I have a powder brush that I bought from a drugstore which started out fluffy but turned out to be ratty and unusable on my face. I was all set to throw it away when I noticed that my laptop keyboard needed some cleaning. Inspiration struck.... and now I use my brush to pick up stray bits and dust bunnies that have been stuck between keys. Sometimes I even spray the brush with some 409 or household cleaner, then sweep it lightly over the keyboard to take care of the dirty bits between keys. Now I can always start the writing day with a clean writing surface!

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