Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Foot Candy for Spring

I'm totally in love with the Zoe & Zac shoe line at Payless right now.

Especially these adorable Daisy skimmers! I got to try them on last week and they fit my wide feet quite nicely. I want to buy them in every color. They totally remind me of my other favorite eco-friendly shoe line - Simple, who are also responsible for some of my favorite dress sneakers and canvas slip-ons.

While I can imagine wearing these on my regular work days, however, I've found myself wearing more heels lately - partly because of my Sunday duties as a cantor for our choir (let's just say that podiums are not always a flattering accessory for the petite) but mostly for the ego boost that I do need from time to time... and believe me, my ego could use a lot of boosting these days! So, while I've yet to indulge in some serious Do Me Shoes, the heeled shoes in my closet are getting retro-fitted with inserts.

Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel Insoles, in particular, have been a Godsend for me: they're gel-cushioned, but they truly are undetectable once you wear them in your super-tall heels. All those claims of shifting the weight away from the ball/toe area of your feet are valid - these do a great job of not putting too much stress in a single area of your feet, and if you ever encounter arch-support problems in heels like I usually do, the extra padding in the arch area helps a lot. I've been wearing them with the red suede Kenneth Cole wedges that I got from Ross last year, and that has made all the difference.

And since I'm planning on retro-fitting the other high-heel shoes in my closet... well, at least until I can finally save up for a pair of Soffts... why not indulge with a three-pack of colored insoles?

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