Saturday, July 25, 2009

When Hateful Shoes Happen

I hate these Gareth Pugh platforms. HATE.

Just looking at these makes my blood boil. One of the girls from Preview's Best Dressed List wore these throughout her shoot, and it made me want to hunt down the person who thought these things were a good idea.

Seriously, people: Are you kidding me? Why would ANYONE want their feet to look like they've been propped up and bandaged after they've been mangled in a horrible accident? It's practically been cut and designed to make both ankle and foot look like they've been reduced to a mere stump of toes. Nothing about the design is anywhere near sexy, or powerful... come to think of it, everything about this pair screams "foot binding," and we all know how well that turned out.

I don't care if Gareth Pugh is some kind of design genius or anything (although this post from the Manolo says exactly what I think of him), I will never consider these shoes fashionable. EVER. Even that thin black wedge in the back looks uncomfortable. I can't look at anyone wearing these shoes - no matter how beautiful and fabulous they, or their outfits, happen to be - without thinking about how desperate they could be for attention.

I don't know about you, but I want my shoes to look like shoes, not crazy experimental art projects. My feet may not be beautiful, but they certainly are no place for any of your Bauhaus-Dadaist statements on beauty or democracy or what-have-you. If I wanted art in shoe form, wouldn't I be asking too much for it to look wearable?


Best Anti-aging Products said...

Reminds me of the okobo worned by the Maiko in times past. Still, those are gorgeous because of their lacquered prints, while this one? I do love geometric designs and their rather popular right now. But this one? Nevermind

Jennifer said...

I think they're sort of cool. But then, I wear yoga pants all the time. I guess I sort of like them because I like the black & white together thing. I would never wear them. I'd break my neck.