Monday, October 05, 2009

Last Song Syndrome: Take Me To Brazil

...I'd probably like this song better if it wasn't so deeply associated with Wowowwee. But, hey, ya gots to take your samba any way you can, right?


And also: Dear Katy Perry, could you please tell your concert-organizing people in the Philippines to get it together? First it was rescheduled for October 16. Then it was postponed and turned into a benefit for the Red Cross with David Archuleta (and seriously, I love the guy, but: Archuleta?)... and now it's November 14, with more performers and a yet-to-be-named beneficiary? And all three reports published in the same newspaper for the last six days, mind you. I'm not a big fan in the first place, and even this is making my head spin like Linda Blair. Really, now.

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