Monday, October 12, 2009

Randomesticity: Fatigue

Que vivo Mexico! Que viva Colombia! Que viva las Filipinas!

It's only Monday, and already everyone is so, so tired. This morning's paper, the blogverse, the relief-operation volunteers... they're all full of crankiness, as if the storm clouds from the last two weeks had been replaced with an equally dark sense of bitterness and collective cynicism. As much as I want to chalk it up to human nature, though, I'm not buying it - and I don't know if this makes me sound like Anne Frank or something, but I want to believe that we'll make it out of the darkness soon enough if we don't keep adding our psychological garbage into the existing mountain of trash we're in right now.

Sorry, Philippines, but I can't afford to stay emo for another week.

I want to remember that there has always been a world outside this country, this existence, before all of this happened. I want to remember that this world outside ourselves will be there to help pull us through for as long as we're willing to reach out. I want to remember that there was, is, and will always be, something - and dare I say it, Someone - bigger than all of this... bigger than corruption, global warming, and even the weather itself.

That's why I take comfort in this piece of advice, which I got from a family friend recently: One will eventually find amusement in even the darkest situations. For every person who cries about losing their home, or getting their relief donations stolen from under their noses by hoarders, there's another person who's going to make sure that somebody gets a reason to smile once in a while.


Not much of a bulleted run-down for this edition of Randomesticity, though, since I still have yet to deliver on what I promised last time. Already, however, I am seriously jonesing on eyeliner, so I'm thinking about breaking down and buying the first cheap kohl pencil that I get my hands on in the next few days.

In the meantime, a few more thoughts:
  • Proof that I'm probably getting too old for this sort of thing: I'm of the opinion that La Roux is one of the most overrated and over-hyped bands that I've heard in quite a while, and crawling pretty fast on the list of Bands I Just Don't Get, Period. Which means that I'll probably start liking them by, oh, around this time in 2011, if they haven't broken up already.
  • Looklet has been driving me up the wall with their site's inability to save any of the stuff I've created... a pity, since I was actually enjoying all the crazy avant-garde designs on that site. (The fact that they don't have a "publish to blog" option only makes things more frustrating for me.) So, until this problem gets resolved, I'll going to stick with Polyvore for my aspirational-fashion fix.
  • Apart from the blog-monetizing that I talked about in the last entry, there's also a huge career-related development brewing in my real life, which I can't share yet in full until the particulars have been nailed down. All I can say is this: It will be epic.

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