Friday, October 02, 2009

Randomesticity: Typhoon-B-Gon

There's a joke here about this new "supertyphoon" sharing a name with a certain neighborhood in Cleveland, but I am going to leave that comment for Scribey to make. Heheh.

Okay, so I'm not going to let the typhoon coverage go just yet - not when there are folks still recovering from the last Big One who continue to cry for help, and not when reality continues to deliver elephantine slaps in the face to emo kids like this one (sorry, but somebody had to say it) - so everything I've written this week will stay on this page for the rest of the weekend, or until I can be absotively-positutely certain that help continues to be on its way to those who really need it.

Also, for those of you folks of une certaine génération (and not just the young kids, mind you) who still haven't gotten the memo yet: start registering to vote NOW. Because whoever leads the country in 2010 will continue to answer to the mess we're in right now, and we have to make sure that the Leadership FAIL we've seen this week never happens again. EVER.

This concludes the recent PSA section of Domesticity. Thank you.

(slow clap)

Anyway, regular-content blog posts will resume next week. As it should, too, since I just got a haircut a few days ago - pictures of which I will post as soon as I can. (Clue: It's short, but not too short... and the guy who cut my hair was able to tell me why I tend to look like Steve Perry whenever I grow out a layered haircut. Milagro!)

Other proposed future posts:
  • The current pink-lipstick trend... and how it ties into Manila's fascination with Korean pop music
  • How I'm doing with the whole diet-and-exercise thing
  • A mini-review of exercise videos that I've been using to get this body into shape
  • Digital-makeover fun with Looklet, Polyvore, and Taaz
  • More drooling over hot Filipino men (...not so fast, Dingdong)
  • Even more drooling over some great local makeup and skincare finds
  • And! The much-postponed but soon-to-be finished Meimei Wishlist!
Until then: stay safe, warm, and dry out there!

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