Friday, February 05, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast: A First-Impression Review

Of all the four Spring Colour Forecast collections that MAC has put out this year in the US market, Amber might be my favorite.


1) I can't think of any other company that would put eyeshadows named Flip and Manila Paper in the same quad. (It helps that they're both neutral, too - even more reason for Pinoy and Pinay MAC addicts to go nuts!)

2) Ever since I started working at the university, I've become obsessed with wearing earthy nude colors all over, especially on my lips. Not boring, work-safe nudes, mind you, but nudes with a little bit of tint and shimmer. These lipsticks fit the bill.

3) Seriously, that Gold Dust lipglass looks like fresh mango juice to me. Again, very Filipino - and very Tetchie Agbayani - without being too literal.

My second-favorite collection would be Coral, because I'm more partial to warmer tones of peach and pink. Unfortunately, I can't wear pink eyeshadow without looking ridiculous, and I can't bring myself to wear a lipstick named "Fresh Salmon." That hasn't stopped this lovely Blush Ombre from calling my name oh so softly.

The other collections, Pink and Plum, don't seem to appeal to me... but that's ultimately because cool, blue-based colors rarely flatter me, if at all.  So until I can get my hands on this collection at my nearest MAC outlet, I'll still continue to dream of Amber and Coral.

Disclaimer: No samples were provided for this review. All screencaps are mine, with additional commentary produced with MS Paint.

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meimei said...

In response to @Panna's quote from this entry: I totally hear ya - I have way too many neutral eyeshadows, too! In fact, I think that the Amber quad could be dupes of my own all-neutral Stila 4-pan, which is why I'm more than a little hesitant to buy it. That said, I'd recommend asking your friendly MAC salesfolk for advice; I ended up with Bitter because I only liked one bright green shadow from the quad that came out from Cult of Cherry.