Friday, February 12, 2010

Once Upon a Looklet: A Tribute

Here's a confession for you: I am not a big fan of Alexander McQueen. And I probably never will be.

While McQueen's death did shock me - and I do feel sorry for the guy, having to go through so much sadness and loss to end his life the way he did - reading some of the obituaries that ran in his honor (like this one) did not really alleviate the annoyance I usually have towards the guy himself. It's already bad enough that I'm not "intellectual" enough to "get" him (like, dude, I'm sorry that I'm just an entry-level teacher who goes to work in Gap khakis, mmmkay? *eyeroll*), but I get this sense that he was an exasperating person to talk to - let alone know - in the first place. It's so heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time, to be around someone whose life and work sought so blatantly to be confrontational... yet still be unable to completely hide the fact that he really, truly needed the attention.

And let's not even get started on the armadillo shoes, which... really, why?

That said, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Alexander McQueen was responsible for some of my favorite celebrity looks. Witness, for example, the arisaid-inspired* gown that Sarah Jessica Parker once wore for the Metropolitan Museum Costume Gala:

*Yes, I know this term from all those romance novels about lusty Scottish lairds and the high-spirited, cloak-wearing lassies who yearn for them. Heeeee.

And the infamously leggy minidress ensemble that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the premiere of Iron Man:

Okay, so the bare legs are a little bit jarring here; I would've recommended self-tanner if she wasn't going to wear hose. But the dress! With the jacket! HOT.

So it follows, then, that my most recent Looklet set would include some Alexander McQueen in it. It's a tribute, all right, but not a literal one; a tad conservative, but with enough dramatic elements to shake things up a bit. Why not, indeed? 

As for the designer himself: Wherever he may be, may he truly rest in peace.

Credits: Screencaps taken from the Daily Mail. "Twisted Transition" set created on

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