Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Styling a Diva

I promised a post on the Charice gig on V-day, so here it is.

Here are some "before" shots from the sponsor's commercials that ran during the concert:

Yes, she is wearing a sequined sweater vest here. Talk among yourselves.

This screencap comes courtesy of a cheese-spread commercial where Charice is supposedly doing karaoke in what looks like a school uniform. I don't have any problems with the outfit or the voice, but I do have a problem with the way she pronounces the words "mini burger" and "eggplant roll." (Though, to be fair, I have a bigger problem with processed spreadable cheese on mini burgers and eggplant rolls.)

And now for the concert...

Let's be honest here, since she is, after all, wearing a chiffon cape (!) with bejewelled (!!) and fringed (!!!) epaulets (!!!!) over a black unitard and silver cage heels.This is the kind of outfit that would look totally ridiculous on, say, Alicia Keys, but on a petite young'un like Charice it looks very modern. The details don't overwhelm her completely, and the lines actually make her look much taller. Plus I love the flat-ironed hair here, which makes her look more like Devon Aoki.

Then there's this:

Again, a pure performance outfit (ie. not applicable offstage), yet I think that the dress is nicely proportioned to the girl, and the black is a nice contrast to the bright silver on the corsetry and the microphone. Cute! The dress also became a moment in itself, when her duet partner (singer Erik Santos) became so transfixed - okay, distracted - by the framework of the dress, that he couldn't stop touching her skirt while singing... not in a pervy way (minds out of the gutter, people!) but more like a cat distracted by the shiny, shiny ornaments on a very shiny Christmas tree.

Also, I forgot to make a note here, but my Mom and I noticed that she was wearing some large cuff bracelets on both wrists, which practically covered both of her forearms throughout the night - basically, wider versions of this:

Again: ooooo, shiiiiiiiiny.

I didn't get any shots of the other outfits from this concert (a red Michael Jackson-inspired jacket over the unitard, and a knee-length red tank dress with a skirt covered in fabric roses), but overall I'm actually pleased by the way our favorite young singer has been styled for this concert. Nothing too overtly sexual, overtly babyish, or just plain overwhelming for this kid - just a lot of fun fashion that doesn't wear her down. It's pretty obvious that the girl's already using her performance wardrobe as a way of experimenting with fashion; here's hoping for more stylish risk-taking in the future.

Credits: Pictures from concert taken by Meimei and PapaMei. Bracelet picture from Polyvore.

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