Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Randomesticity: Test Drive Edition

My month-long ESL stint has ended, for the time being - with no new assignments coming up immediately - so Domesticity posts will resume during the weekdays, until I can work out a blog schedule. Easier said than done, since I've got a full slate during this break, but it can be done.

Here are a few things that I'm planning to test-drive for possible future entries on this blog:

- The 2010 Ford Focus. The familia has finally caved in and decided to replace our decade-old Japanese stick-shift sedan with a sporty American model equipped with automatic transmission and improved fuel efficiency. I'm a little excited about this because I'm now expected to drive after years of relying on public transport... yet, at the same time, you could see why I'm also a tad worried.

- Human [Heart] Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil. Now that the company has gone into direct selling, it's easier for me to get my hands on Human [Heart] Nature. (I use the brackets here because they've started calling themselves "Human Nature," but we still say the "heart" out loud.) Thus, the Sunflower Beauty Oil was my first purchase, since it's being marketed as a viable substitute for eye cream. I've only been using it for days, but - lo and behold - my under-eye circles have faded significantly, and my eyelids no longer look like they're sagging. More comprehensive reviews to come later.

- L'Oreal's Made for Me Naturals, Asia Edition. My ongoing quest for a nice nude lipstick has officially begun with the quickie purchase of this lipstick in Shade #615 (Tea Rose), which is allegedly made for a "Golden Tan Skintone." I bought it without testing because I liked how this pinkish-terracotta shade looks in the tube... and, helloooo, it was also selling for 50% off! How it looks on me, on the other hand, may turn out to be another story altogether - but, hey, gotta run with all the chances that you can get!

- Avon Glimmersticks lip liner in Rich Ginger. Another direct-sell purchase, this time from another co-worker from the ESL gig. All I can say right now is that it doesn't look too dark in the tube; we'll see more of it later on.

- More fashion tips for Charice Pempengco? I hope I don't have to go there again, but I am going to see her in concert for V-day with the 'rents, and I'd be less than thrilled if she shows up looking like some overly zealous stylist has given her a hoochie makeover... or worse, some bizarre outfit that makes her look like she's trying way too hard to be all punk rawk and emo and stuff. (See also: Stewart, Kristen; Sebert, Kesha; and Lovato, Demi.) For our country's sake, dearest Charice, don't waste the pretty!

Photo credits:, via Google Images and (Ford Focus), and via Google Images (Charice). All products in this entry were purchased from PCX (L'Oreal) and individual direct sellers (Avon/ Human [Heart] Nature) by the author herself . 

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