Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Somebody Please Explain This To Me

Curtis Stone showing up on Celebrity Apprentice? Baffling.

Curtis Stone showing up on Celebrity Apprentice with THIS haircut, on the other hand?

Credit: Screencap taken from Television Without Pity

This makes me wonder:

- Does this mean American audiences will finally be exposed to Surfing The Menu - or any variation thereof involving Australian food? (Please please please please please make it so!)

- Considering that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution just started running around the same time as Celebrity Apprentice, is there some kind of unknown clause that prevents two messy-haired blond chefs (with matching accents and Oprah-approved credentials) from showing up on American network television at the same time? And if this clause does not exist, does that mean that we can finally have Jamie Oliver and Curtis Stone in the same room without the risk of the universe imploding unto itself?

- Speaking of Jamie Oliver, and apocalyptic scenarios: Does this mean Anthony Bourdain will start raining insults on Curtis Stone for being the hunky embodiment of Everything That's Wrong With Cookery These Days? And if so, will said insults involve graphic descriptions of grievous bodily harm? (Remember, kids - there used to be a time when your Uncle Tony was a big meanie.)

- Will this serve as a sign for Guy Fieri to get a new look

- Can we start the betting pool on how long it will take before Curtis shows us his lamingtons on television? (Hee hee, I said "lamingtons.")

- Between this and the entire roster of this season's Dancing With the Stars (Evan Lysacek, how could you?) have the casting directors for celebrity-packed reality shows been smoking some industrial-strength hallucinogens lately?

- And the most pressing question of all: What, was Sandra Leeway too busy for Celebrity Apprentice?

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