Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monthly Favorites: April Edition

April Favorites

THE THEME: Tone-on-tone. I've been seeing a lot of neutrals and soft pastels these last few months, and not just from the ongoing ad campaigns for Johnson's Body Care in the Philippines. This month's cover of Preview has Maja Salvador sporting earthy makeup and a skin-toned cutout bodysuit; the month before that, the same magazine featured fashion blogger Rosanna Aranaz and her well-documented collection of subtly tonal color combinations in her wardrobe. In Stateside beauty news,  MAC recently premiered Pret-a-Papier, inspired by the natural textures, drapes, and shades of craft paper. All of these inspirations contribute to an earthy yet ethereal palette that's perfect for the humid summers that we have here in the Philippines. 

THE STARTING POINT(S): Since my birthday's coming up next week, I thought I'd revisit my own love of fine handbags by starting with a little Louis Vuitton: The Cuir Graine Doctor's Bag shown here actually comes from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, but the shape and the color of this purse is practically seasonless and timeless. I've also had my eye on the white Vivienne Westwood Anglomania blouse for quite some time, as well, so I've been looking for a fresh way to style around it. Put the blouse and the bag together, et voila: chemistry. 

(At least that's how it works in the Domesticity-verse, where I'm the resident art director. In real life, though, the bag would definitely not be a Vuitton, and the Westwood top would be replaced by a beige short-sleeve blouse with a scoop neck and/or a Peter Pan collar.) 


- I've had a long-standing girlcrush on Daria Werbowy, and this makeup look - from Lancome's ad campaign for Hypnose Senses - embodies the breezy, gauzy spirit of this whole collection with earthy neutrals and see-through pastels. I also love the way that her hair is loose and undone here, which I think would work best with this whole set to keep everything from looking too retro. 

- The MAC lipstick shown here is part of Pret-a-Papier (the peachy coral Dressmaker, Dressmaker) - and, incidentally, I've found myself taking more  high-end lipsticks and glosses to work, since the high pigment content is exactly what I need when my face needs a bit more of a pick-me-up midday. 

- Thanks to Polyvore, I've also become quite enamored with, which features a lot of vintage fashions. The '70s-era skirt featured here is no longer available on the ModCloth site, but I like the A-line shape and the way that the stripes practically blend into each other without clashing against the taupe background. And what better way to complement a skirt like this than to pair them with brown suede strappy sandals?

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