Friday, August 20, 2010

Pump and Lift, Episode 16: I Wish I Had A Picture For This

Just weighed myself for the first time in so many weeks.

Saw a number that I never thought I'd reach, even during my most active days.

Ladies and gentlemen, your humble blogger now weighs...

...155 POUNDS!!!!!!

Seriously, this is crazy - no, beyond crazy. During these last two days, my friends have been bugging me about how much weight I've lost and how I've been able to do it. My "skinny day" pants are now my "fat day" pants. Even my doctors are asking me what kind of a routine I've put myself on to get here. 

I did celebrate it, sort of, by visiting the first Payless Shoes branch ever in the Philippines and getting myself another pair of... flats. For work.

Which means that my other high-heeled shoes are now sitting in my closet, neglected... and thus preventing me from buying any more heels until I can get this flat-shoe situation under control. Until then, oh, happy day!

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