Monday, August 30, 2010

The Aforementioned Fun Post, aka This Blog Entry? Is Bananas.

After much wallowing (and philosophical musings on how the best way to honor the dead is to keep on living, blah blah stop watching TV news already) I've decided that it was about time I gave myself something to smile about.

Hence: Rachel Zoe.

I don't know what it is about her; she used to come across as stuck up and annoying, but I actually found her endearing on The Rachel Zoe Project. I caught the episode where her assistants are trying to style her to deflect rumors about her weight, and she almost cries because she was attending a friend's event and didn't want it to be about her, even with the press around. No wonder she looks and feels haggard all the time. 

(Side note, as far as body issues are concerned: Every time I look at my batwing arms and wonder whether or not I should get plastic surgery for them, all I need to do is look at Rachel Zoe's triceps and remind myself that - regardless of weight loss or exercise intensity - arm flab is a common reality for most women. I mean, So. Real.)

Then there's the Harper's Bazaar shoot, which - gallows humor aside - is actually a better rendering of "I Die" than the similar spread that Preview did on the same topic of accessories. Whereas the Preview story focused more on gorgeous shoes worn by tragic suicides, this one strikes me more as endearing mockery, as if to remind people that it's pretty ridiculous and OTT to die die for fabulous accessories. Besides, the whole Rachel Zoe-and-frenemies concept reminds me of Mel Brooks and Jerry Zucker... and I'm a fan of that kind of comedy, so I'm biased.

So, yeah. I'm liking the former Rachel Rosenzweig a whole lot more now. And that's just cool.

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