Friday, August 06, 2010

Stop and Smell the Existentialism

(A history of this brilliant piece of merchandise can be found here.)

Originally, I was planning to post something a little more angsty... but I wanted to go with something sunnier, considering that it's typhoon season over here and summer everywhere else. Not to mention that I'm still working on the sequel to my last Polyvore set, which should get posted soon.

That's how I stumbled upon this video from the MAC Cosmetics channel on YouTube. 


I don't use these products in the exact same way - although I am seriously considering switching back to liquid foundation* - but I love the effect of using a darker face powder as all-over contour, followed by a mineral blush for more "pop." (You can read more about the products I'm using in particular in this entry from 2009.) Worth checking out for the techniques, though.

*And now I've figured out why foundation tends to darken on most Filipino skin - especially mine, Scribey's, and SisMei's: OXIDATION! Might have to test this theory with MamaMei first, though, since she just bought a jar of Cover Girl's Simply Ageless foundation after a salesgirl at Watsons sold her on the oxidation theory.

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